Press Releases

Roustan Capital Press Releases

We will post press releases and announcements in this section that are generated by Roustan Capital or others that specifically pertain to activities that Mr. Roustan and/or Roustan Capital are involved in. There will be a running list by date with the most recent at the top. If you have a press release or announcement that you wish to contribute to these lists, please contact Roustan Capital through the Contact section on this website.


May 10, 2018   W. Graeme Roustan – Letter to Power Corporation

January 26, 2018   W. Graeme Roustan Acquires The Hockey News and Announces Future Launch of


October 24, 2017   W. Graeme Roustan Press Release – Power Corporation

October 10, 2017   W. Graeme Roustan Letter to Power Corporation

October 5, 2017   W. Graeme Roustan Joins Advisory Board At Hockey Night In Canada Play On!

May 8, 2017   Roustan Capital Acquires Torspo and Christian


November 14, 2016   Roustan Capital Opposes Sagard Capital and E & Y Report
October 31, 2016       E & Y Report – Exhibit B

August 20, 2016   W. Graeme Roustan Publishes White Paper on Power Corporation and Paul Desmarais III
August 20, 2016   White Paper on Power Corporation and Performance Sports Group Conflict of Interest

March 29, 2016   W. Graeme Roustan Objects to Shareholder Nomination Agreement with Sagard Capital
March 28, 2016   Sagard Capital Shareholder Nomination Agreement

March 25, 2016   W. Graeme Roustan Calls on Chairman Bernie McDonell to Follow CEO and Resign

March 16, 2016   W. Graeme Roustan Announces Score in Effort to End Bauer Retail Expansion

January 7, 2016   Walter Graeme Roustan Trust Requests Board to Replace CEO of Performance Sports Group


December 15, 2015   Walter Graeme Roustan Trust Increases Its Stake in Performance Sports Group

September 25, 2015   Walter Graeme Roustan Trust Responds to Chairman Bernie McDonell’s Letter to Shareholders